May 3 Pack Mayweather vs Maidana Live Stream Including Khan vs Collazo, Broner vs Molina

Mayweather vs Maidana live stream- It was a dream fight for Amir Khan, Adrien Broner also wanted the slot, but when the decision maker is Floyd Mayweather nothing is certain. The New Year started with the rumor, everyone talking who is next for the p4p king. Even dream fight against Manny Pacquiao became half done for September 14.

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Then May Money entered the scene, put a poll for fan; asking them to chose one. Fan voted for Khan in a hope for another super Mayweather fight. As the unbeaten world champ always sails against the stream, then announced to fight Argentine Marcos Maidana, who just came off a surprising win over Adrien Broner.

No boxing fan can even imagine missing the Saturday night fight and this is the best way to watch live stream of mayweather vs Maidana on any device. Quick signup, instant access, no bullshit, no survey just the live action including the Undercard Khan vs Collazo and Broner vs Molina fight.

However fans become, happy started counting days for the mega fight and off course the businessmen got busy making the fight super hit; Showtime named it ‘The Moment’. The purse is big, even Khan at last agreed to get in the undercard, but instead of Broner he is fighting Luis Collazo, while Broner gets a easy fight against Carlos Molina.

Now Maidana was picked up by Mayweather himself, if the selected one became really “The Chosen One”? Is the biggest upset of boxing history will happen on May 3? What do you think? Find if u are predicting the result right, watch mayweather vs Maidana live streaming.

Floyd Mayweather Media Workout for Maidana Video Highlights

Floyd Mayweather call the media at his boxing club few days ago to cover his preparation for upcoming Mayweather vs Maidana live SHO PPV fight on May 3. With his trainer and uncle Roger Mayweather ‘May Money’ worked the mitts and heavy bag. watch the highlights of that media day workout.

Mayweather vs Maidana All Access Episode 1 Video By Showtime

Showtime aired the promotional series All Access Mayweather vs Maidana in April 19 as the fight is going take place no longer in two weeks on May 3, 2014. Watch the Episode 1 full video below.

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Floyd Mayweather jr thinks Manny Pacquiao wants to fight him to get off the hook

mayweater vs pacquiao newsThe bout is nothing but a fantasy, not a single punch or round has been happened so far but the boxing world still feel happy by talking on Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight possibility. The first session of this ancient rumor “Mayweather vs Pacquiao” bout was “Wow! Finally this is going to happen on September, 2014”. But in weeks there been so many speeches/ counter speeches by this two best welterweight fighters on world.

I saw an interview of Floyd Mayweather with Ben Thompson of Fighthype and found something new that Mayweather never said about Pacquiao. He figured out It’s the Pacquiao who is desperate now for the Money vs Manny dream fight.. As he said,

“Pacquiao had his opportunity.… It’s obvious he felt like he was on the same level as me status-wise because he wouldn’t have asked for 50/50. So now, two losses later and he’s got a problem…when I offered you $40 million, you turned it down…Pacquiao got IRS problems. Pacquiao got pay-per-view number problems. Pacquiao’s boss name is Rob Arum. Pacquiao owes $68 million in taxes. Pacquiao’s got 5 losses. He still got Timothy Bradley problems and Marquez problems…So this guy’s got all these problems and he wants Floyd Mayweather to solve them for him, huh? First he didn’t need me; now he needs me,”

The welterweight legend has got his next Showtime PPV schedules on Saturday, May 3, 2014, at MGM but no opponent confirmed yet.  Mayweather didn’t say anything cleared about the rumor fighting Amir Khan but added Marcos Maidana as his future possible opponent. Why Maidana? Well Mayweather thinks it’s because of Maidana’s great upsetting win over Adrien Broner on Dec 14, 2013 and Broner is such a fighter, fans can see a little bit of Money-May style in him. Though later a next fighting opponent decider poll came out in favor of Amir Khan.

Mayweather believes beating Ricky Hatton doesn’t means Manny Pacquiao has been reformed after some upsetting defeats and fighting in China did no difference. Considering all the facts along with a cold relation with Top Rank boss Bob Arum he when was ready to some softness, honoring huge interest of fans, Pacman left chance, Mayweather claimed.

But we the fans one thing got to say, fight whoever you like on May 3 but just take on Pacquiao at least once before you both step to heavyweight or retirement. Stay connected for more Mayweather boxing news and post comment/criticize to inspire me.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao: is finally happening?

Manny Pacquiao has a lot of significant reason to go ahead for Pacquiao vs Marquez IV for but I think it could be better if he chose Maywaether as this the most anticipating super fight since 2009. However finally there is some hope that the fight could really happen as in a telephonic interview with he said, “I think Mayweather will be next”.

There was a lot of reason that blocked the maywether-pacquiao fight in last two years like fair purse split and drug-testing issue.  Finally Pacquiao understand the importance of the fight and decide to compromise to speed up the super fight.

Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports wrote, “Pacquiao agreed Thursday during appearances on two separate television shows on ESPN to give Mayweather a 55-45 advantage on a financial split should they fight, as the public has been demanding since late 2009. A match between them is expected to be the most lucrative bout in boxing history.

The other major hurdle blocking the fight between the two men regarded by many as the two best in the world was Mayweather’s demand for Olympic-style drug testing. Initially, Pacquiao balked at the testing. He has since changed his stance and has said repeatedly over the last year he would fully comply with the tests, just as Shane Mosley, Victor Ortiz and Miguel Cotto have done in Mayweather’s last three fights.”

For fight fans I think this is great news as they was not sure about the greatest bout of the boxing history they could ever see.