Mayweather vs Maidana 2: ‘MayHem’ Live on Sept 13, 2014

Floyd Mayweather jr once again picked Argentine fighter Marcos Maidana to face on his pre-scheduled September 13 SHO PPV fight. The rematch is now officially confirmed and this time named as “Mayhem”, will be taking place at MGM Grand, Las Vegas.


Mayweather vs Maidana Background

Chino should thank his fate for getting another chance to dethrone the p4p king that he failed to acquire in first attempt few months ago. Getting spot for May 3 fight was quite surprising for Maidana with a lower position on Mayweather’s opponent list. But “Money” himself picked him up, leaving most probable contender British fighter Amir Khan. Khan lately didn’t agree to match up on Sep 13 for observing religious events, the fight “Pretty Boy” promised him before. Now the rematch is locked and once again it’s the Argentine fighter Maidana will be facing the world highest paying athlete.

The first meeting on May 3 was a big PPV success and fans went so crazy at MGM that rumor of gun fire was reported at post fight presser. The fight was really a tight one where “May Money” got decision from two of three judges and the other one recorded the score card in favor on Maidana. The critics and analyst claimed Maidana gave Mayweather the toughest fight of his undefeated career which could be compared to the fight against Luis Castillo happened in 2002. According to the CompuBox about 221 punches were perfectly landed by this Argentine which is the best ever than any other Maywether’s previous opponent. Especially first couple of round Mayweather had to struggle get control of the fight and several times he was pushed to touch the rope. Fans and supporters of the Argentine fighter still believe the match ended in controversial result and for first time the undefeated world champion was lost to Marcos Maidana.

Mayweather vs Maidana 2 Live Streaming

The fight is produced and distributed live by Showtime™ and if you are looking to access it from your home only way is to buy PPV though this link. Along with your TV set the match is available on other platforms like PC/Laptops/smartphones but have to confirm your order before the deadline. For users from out of US there are some options of online streaming and those links will be updated before the fights. Note that we are connected with those sites in any way and our recommendation is based on users reviews.

Mayweather’s profile summary

Floyd Mayweather jr was born on 24 Feb, 1977 in a family with a traditional boxing background. His father and uncles were pro boxers and that’s why he chose to be a fighter since his childhood. In 1996 he started his pro career as super featherweight fighter against Roberto Apodaca, winning his first KO just at round 2. In his 18 years of pro career he won all his 46 fights with 26 KO’s and become the most popular fighter in United States. He also has a huge fan base in all over the world. It is the Mayweather who has changed the rules of boxing TV pay per view and he is now on rank one of Forbes Magazine’s highest paid athletes list. He is a five division world champion and only active undefeated professional boxer. His only competitor is popular Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao who is also considered as the world best fighter. There were several attempts to arrange matchup between this two best fighters ever but the dream fight couldn’t happened yet. Mayweather is currently in a contract with SHOWTIME and owner of the Mayweather Promotions that backs all his fight events. Money, fame and power- a fighter could dream to achieve, Mayweather jr earned them all in every way. Currently he is living in Las Vegas, Nevada. For a full biography and more information click here.

Maidana’s profile summary

Marcos René Maidana was born on July 12, 1983 in Argentina and started his pro career in 2004 knock out win against Adán Basilio Mironchik. He remained undefeated for next five years before he lost to WBA Light Welterweight titleholder Andreas Kotelnik in a debatable decision. He has won 35 fights out of total 39 with amazing no of 31 Kos. Except unbeaten status stopper loss other three defeats came against British boxer Amir Khan (Dec 11, 2010), American Devon Alexander (Feb 25, 2012) and Floyd Mayweather Jr (May 3, 2014). At the end of 2013 he defeated Adrien Broner which considered as his career best performance. This fight actually brought him into the limelight again and helped him to win slot of first fight against Mayweather. He’s nickname is El Chino and the Argentine fighter has huge no of Hispanic American fans/supporters. For a full biography and more information read this.

Mayweather vs Maidana 2 “MayHem” Live on US Theaters

Both fighters are well experienced and got a great professional career record. As seen in the first meeting the result is unpredictable. But fans can expect another great showdown when Mayweather Maidana will meet again on September 13 at MGM Grand Ring.

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